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Gt is making something that works and not making something that looks nice. Ya right - they should listen to people's shoulds until they get all shoulded.The only thing anyone should or rather "must" do, is to do his own thing and not listen to what random people think he should do...Yeah thats right mate, because bike manufacturers like to make their bikes ugly as f*ck cause thats what sells, as long as it works good though aye. The canyon the Barrel rode was also aluminium, The GT was aluminium and placed 4th and 5th, where was the closest carbon specialized? Agreed 3rd place was a carbon yeti, but it doesn't convince me that carbon vs aluminium results in an instant win for carbon, despite the cool look, better strength to weight, are the vibration deadening properties of aluminium, steel and not to mention, my personal favorite titanium underestimated.

So does their prototype dh bike that I saw at Sea Otter... Have you seen the last 2-3 years of GT enduro bikes? Maybe Im just a little bias because my race team as well as myself have a bike sponsorship with GT.The flaws were always durability of the parts that the design encompasses, but looks like they are straining to reduce those risks and as someone who has *experience* on an I-drive system, I look forward to trying out the changes...not just bantering blindfolded on the internet stating a proven design is crap without a gram of evidence to support a stupid claim.The Force LE, 1.0 and Carbon and Sanction are pretty dang sleek not to mention paints schemes are off the hook. But I have ridden several different bike brand, but GT has been one of the best. No one seems to realize that it does not fucking matter what it looks like, it sure as hell shreds.If it rides as bad as it looks, Affy wouldn't be rippin it like he is.

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Now it seems you won't be able to race your Stumpy, Trance, Blur etc for Enduro as well.

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