Are my dating standards too high

This period lies between the family-oriented 1950s and 1960s and the "Baby on Board" parenting–focused era of the late 1980s to the present.In the 1990s and 2000s, cultural differences concerning what should be the sexual norm, as well as new technology, political differences, workplace behavior, age of consent, age of responsibility, the education system, and many other political, cultural, and generational issues, has produced a generation gap between Generation X and Y and their Baby Boomer parents.Neither will you find a grown-up, a parent not grumbling over 'younger generation' of their children.Pop music, ultra-modern clothes, noisy parties and children's wish to have more freedom become a stumbling-block on the way of mutual understanding between adults and their offspring and help foster differences between parents and teenagers.

For example, Vietnamese teenagers idolize styles of some Korean singers and they try to make up how to similar with their idols although older people think it is represent a bad person.Secondly, many parents immerse themselves into earning money, so they do not have enough time to talking with their children and understand what they really need.Some children complain that they often stay at home alone because their parent busy all day.From a transformation of the dating system (going steady and early marriage became the norm, as opposed to the "rating and dating" trend that was fashionable before the war), to the new medium of television gaining widespread popularity and often portraying teenagers as juvenile delinquents.'JDs' followed the standard black, The War in Southeast Asia, and the rise of counter-culture hippies during the mid and late 1960s with diverging opinions about the draft and military involvement in Vietnam as well as the use of drugs were significant topics of the generation gap of this era. 129 by artist Norman Mingo, dated September 1969, showed a split Alfred E.

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