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Instead, he set out to be the best bonus dad he could be.Justin and I both realized very early on that co-parenting and step-parenting is not a competition between two homes.Never once has he ever called them “your kids” instead they have always been “our kids.” family there have been a few – he has been by my side and by their side.He has parented them to the best of his – and our – ability.I’m sure he always presumed he would have his own biological children.But he met me, we fell in love, and I wasn’t prepared to have any more kids. They are two lucky kids.“When I was dating, I assumed I would follow that classic path of dating, marrying and having my own kids.

We wanted it to be applicable to both bonus dads and bonus moms.I could sometimes feel their nonverbal, unsupportive or hesitant response when I shared I was dating a woman with two kids.But they weren’t walking in my shoes, nor did they have any understanding of the chemistry in our pending new family situation.It’s an important lesson for all of us as we often judge or assume without knowledge of a person’s true situation – positive or negative.It is incredibly fulfilling, and can be incredibly frustrating, but isn’t that parenting in general?

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