6 most terrifying dating scenes

In a particularly grueling scene, we’re introduced to High Priest Mola Ram’s Thuggee ritual, where he removes the hearts of his victims with his bare hands, before throwing them into a scenic pit of lava.

Why even bother making movies if you’re not going to scar your younger viewers for life, right?

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It’s nearly impossible for Sam Raimi to be involved in a production and not leave some of his horror fingerprints behind, and that’s certainly the case with what might very well be the best Marvel movie so far, .During a climactic confrontation at the old steel mill, Robocop faces off against one of the henchmen that originally murdered him.The encounter doesn’t end well for the miscreant, as he crashes into a convenient vat of toxic waste, meeting a gruesome demise as he devolves into a gelatinous mass.While the first film boasted Willem Dafoe’s terrifying performance as the Green Goblin, Raimi took things to the next level with the introduction of the sequel’s antagonist.On paper, Doctor Octopus doesn’t exactly sound like Spider-Man’s most menacing villain, especially when played by an actor as charismatic as Alfred Molina.

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